Gunther Mueller

Bio Identical Hormones: How Are These Made?

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In this article you’ll discover:

  • What makes up a “human identical” or Bio-Identical hormone!
  • How hormone should be taken!
  • The logistics of being a hormone in the body!

The difference between synthetic and human or Bio-Identical hormones is that when you look at the molecular structure of Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Thyroid, the human body really only recognizes the molecule that it is used to making at the billions of hormone receptor sites through out our body. When you’re talking about synthetic hormones, your talking about molecular structures that have been changed in order to get a patent. They have to change that molecular structure ever so slightly to get a patent because you cannot patent anything that exists in nature or anything that the human body naturally produces. That’s what makes the synthetic hormones which are readily available on the market “non-human identical”.

So, the way they get human identical hormone is actually from plant matter, but once the molecule is made it no longer has anything to do with the plant that it may have come from.  Most human biologic molecules are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. We are carbon-based beings. So, most of the molecules floating around our body have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in some form or some combination. Water, as you know, is hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). Compounding Pharmacies make the molecule known as Testosterone (or any other hormone) in the lab to exactly resemble the molecule that our bodies have been producing all of our lives.

A lot of people will ask the question about genetically modified food and ask “Am I getting my hormone from something that was genetically modified?” I would have to tell them that there are not any “genes” and there is no “genetic material” in an atom of carbon, hydrogen or oxygen. So, at the molecular level, there is no such thing as genetic modification.  At the molecular level, you can’t change these atoms.

So, to make human identical hormone, they make it in the lab to be the exact carbon copy of what the body produces. Now, no one is trying to get a patent on that nor can anyone get a patent on that. Simply, it is just a chemical process that gives you the molecule known as, for example, human identical testosterone. Then, you put it into a pellet form or you put it into a gel form or you put it into a patch form.

About 45% of the people cannot absorb hormone through the skin. It’s not a great way for half the people to even get hormones so the pellet really is the modality that most closely mirrors or mimics how the body is used to receiving hormone in the bloodstream.  If you really think about it…the skin was designed to keep things out so it really dose not make great sense to try to get hormone into the body through the skin.

If you look at the endocrine system, the body is used to getting hormones directly from a gland into the bloodstream. The hormone in a cream has to go through the skin and the fatty tissue to hopefully, eventually make it into the bloodstream. Testosterone shots are being put in to the muscle tissue. It has to go from the muscle, through the liver, into the bloodstream, so it is not a direct route into the blood. The pellet is the only modality that most closely resembles how the body absorbs hormone, and is also a cardiac-driven modality, whereas patches, pills and orals are all time-released modalities.

The pellet is a cardiac-driven modality because as soon as they put that little pellet under the skin in the fatty tissue, the body builds capillaries around that pellet and then, as the heart is pumping blood through the circulatory system, the hormone is being absorbed from the pellet directly into the bloodstream.  that is really how the body is used to receiving hormone.

So with pellets, we know exactly what is getting into the blood. That’s the beauty of pellet therapy and why it is so successful and why patients feel so much better. It is also why there are no significant side effects, and why you can use human identical hormone in pellet therapy so effectively.  There is about 75 years of global research on this modality and it point to pellets being safe and effective in symptom relief.

See you in the next blog where we’ll discuss how to get this amazing therapy! You may also request a copy of my free report!