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Coping With Trauma The Right Way

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In this article you’ll discover:

  • The importance of being optimal and how to get there!
  • Taking care of your body and balance!
  • Making the decision to become healthier!

One example of trauma is really affecting the pituitary gland and we’re seeing this in young people who play competitive sports. The pituitary gland is very responsible for sending out pre cursor hormones which are the ones that stimulate other glands to stimulate the actual active hormone. For example, the pituitary gland sends a hormone called LH, luteinizing hormone which tells the body to produce more testosterone. In the women testosterone is produced in the ovaries and in men, testosterone is produced in the testes.

Presentee-ism costs more to employers than absenteeism in the work force. Presentee-ism means that you were not feeling bad enough not to call in sick and not show up for work. You don’t have any presence at your job, your education and the application of all those talents, and everything that you know is supposed to be applied to your job so your company becomes more productive and competes in the world.

If you are showing up to work and you and your colleagues are operative at 50% capacity, what is that costing businesses and companies today to have a workforce that is not feeling good. That is symptomatic, that is taking all kinds of drugs to make it through the day; is living on caffeine and energy drinks and all these stimulants that we are taking because we can’t make it through the day and we feel like we need to take a nap at one o’clock in the afternoon. It is the consequence of not being aware of the traumas, toxins, thoughts, hormonal imbalance, spinal subluxations that can lead to a human being waking up every day and going through life not feeling optimal.

The real problem is we get used to it, we don’t have time to deal with it, we don’t want to waste money on it because it’s not that bad and it’s a vicious cycle. There are celebrities doing double mastectomies like Angelina Jolie because they have done some genetic tests showing that they have the gene that makes her susceptible to breast cancer. This is taking the extreme of having breasts removed so as not to have breast cancer.

The point is that you are living out of balance between estrogen and testosterone it can show up as cancer. So if your family has been diagnosed with some form of cancer, it might be a lifestyle, exercise nutrition thing that has been done over decades of life, maybe it’s not your genes, I believe that only about 5% of your destiny is genetically destined.

The big paradigm shift in how you view yourself and your health has to happen. I am not saying I’ve got every answer for everybody, I’m just here to inspire you to think about it and maybe go and seek out resources to start educating yourself.

I hope my resources and the products I bring to the table make things easy for people to get this wherever they are. I hope to develop products in the future and I hope to be invited to speak in front of audiences about these things just to get people thinking. For me it’s not about the money although making money is nice, everybody has got bills to pay.

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