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Pellet Therapy: Get Your Hormones In Balance And Feel Better

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In this article you’ll discover:

  • Well-trained, Bio-Identical Hormone Doctors are the key to getting to the bottom of your symptoms!
  • Where to visit for more information about pellet therapy!
  • Finding the right doctor for you and your family!

Human identical hormone pellet therapy is widely known as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, does not recognize this term, as they believe it is just a marketing term and say that there is no difference between synthetic and Bio-Identical Hormones.

The doctors that I work with, or the doctors that are doing this correctly have become hormone and nutrition deficiency/imbalance detectives. They are identifying hormone imbalance in their patients and then they are recommending treatment for how to get those hormones optimized. So, the first thing is you need to talk to someone that is passionate about this. You need to talk to someone who has taken the time to get trained on a subject that they do not teach much of in medical school. My personal recommendation is to go find a Certified BioTE Medical Practitioner and you can go to and click on find a provider.

Now, I do work with these folks and one of my main functions is to help medical practitioners get trained on how to do hormone optimization correctly. I spend about half my time talking to doctors, and I spend about half of my time educating potential patients on the benefits of this therapy so I want to make sure that everybody knows that I am a proponent for BioTE Medical.

There are other pellet therapy providers in the country but there really is none like BioTE Medical. BioTE Medical is the largest company in the United States and has the most patients under the same dosing strategy using the same identical pellet to do pellet therapy and hormone optimization. You can go and watch all of the testimonial and educational videos that they have put together.

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Another great website to go to is It stands for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy videos and has lot’s of interesting information. There is 75 years of peer-reviewed medical literature on pellet therapy pointing to this being a healing therapy for most people. This is not an opinion that we have crafted on our own. This is almost 80 years of medical evidence from around the world.

Another great place to go as a resource for studies and information is  this site has a good collection of well done pellet studies.

I have recommended so many of my friends and family over the last couple of years, to find a BioTE-Certified Practitioner wherever they live. BioTE Medical is in about 38 states now across the United States. All of these doctors have been trained the same way and they are using the same pellet and the same dosing strategy so whether you live in Florida or live in California, or Colorado, you can get the same therapy across the country.

Most people go to the doctor and get to spend 10 minutes with their doctor because that doctor has to see up to 50 patients in a day. Hormone therapy or hormone optimization is  on the complex side of things, especially in females.  So, it takes some time to look at the health history, the symptoms, to ask some good questions, and to understand how to help you, and a doctor needs to take that time.  I always say that “You have to find a practitioner that has a passion for truly helping their patients live a symptom free life”

A thorough hormone consultation can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the symptoms that you are presenting with. What I have found is that BioTE Medical teaches their partnered practitioners to treat the patient; and not just the lab slip. How many times have you gone to the doctor hoping to get some relief from your symptoms, and all you get is a phone call that says “Well, your labs look normal, I guess we’ll see you next year.”  Many times patients are hoping that they find something wrong which will explain why they are feeling so poorly, only to be disappointed once again that no one seems to have a solution that will help them feel better.  That is what the BioTE Medical philosophy and what the BioTE Method of Hormone Optimization is all about; to train doctors to really be those caring individuals who take time with their patients.

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