Gunther Mueller

When Trauma Happens: Simple Steps To Deal With It


In this article you’ll discover:

  • How to find a good physician!
  • The importance of balancing your nutrition and hormones!
  • Educating yourself in health care is so important!

At the end of the day, life happens; we are going to be in events that lead to some sort of trauma. What I want people to be aware of as a result of my teaching and the resources that I’m giving them is that if you are in a traumatic event it is critical to be conscious of what organs or systems in the body could have been affected by the traumatic event.

Finding a good physician is a key thing. So when you are in a traumatic event, you go to the emergency room and they do a CT scan or some test and tell you there is nothing wrong with you but a month or two later you develop some nagging issue, a symptom that develops out of nowhere it seems. So you go to your regular doctor and because you don’t correlate it to the traumatic event that happened awhile ago, they can’t or don’t know how to help you. So all I teach is about getting to the real root cause of whatever symptoms show up, and then relate it back to a nervous system issue, a nutritional issue, or a hormonal imbalance issue.  These are the root causes of why the body experiences symptoms in most cases.

When I injured my ankle, I made sure that my testosterone was at an optimal physiologic level so that I would heal faster, which worked out great because my doctor said that he did not even see a shadow of the fracture after only 3 weeks on my follow-up X-ray.  My bone was completely fused with no sign of the fracture and the followup X-rays of other patients that had basically the same surgery were not. This is how everything ties together, trauma, toxins, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, need to be addressed properly for the body to use its own innate intelligence to heal itself. It’s not one thing, it’s a combination of everything, and knowing how to support the body in its functions.

Understand that you have to educate yourself because most doctors (although they have good intentions) are not teaching you this. Most of the information we get in the world (Media) is not teaching us how to get healthy but only pointing us to new supposed “miracle drugs” not to prevent or cure, but to only treat diseases once they have appeared. That’s not how the body works… Remember from now on that the solution needs to start with the root cause of a symptom, and if we can figure out how to treat that and stop the advancement of  a sudden trauma over time into disease then we can experience optimal health for however many years we have on this planet.

If modern medicine and what we have been doing for the last 50 years is so great, why are there so many people so sick and in pain and suffering and going to see doctors, spending millions of dollars on doctors and not getting healed. They are not getting better; their diseases are just being managed.  The choice is yours from here on out as to how you will manage your journey towards optimal health.  Choose wisely.

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