Gunther Mueller

Feel Optimal: What Is The Right Lifestyle?


In this article you’ll discover:

  • How the media is influenced by other industries!
  • Some baseline rules for eating healthy!
  • How much exercise we REALLY need!

You hear all kinds of information from different places in the media talking about what you should eat, what you should not eat and if you’re aware, you’ll see that the message changes every once in a while.

You have to understand that the media is very much influenced by the food industry. You want to know the truth, follow the money and they are very much about the business of marketing to you to get you to buy their foods. The industrialized American diet and a diet of very highly processed and packaged foods is a major problem. Anything that can sit on a shelf for six months and be okay, you have to put a question mark behind that.

Take it back to the old days when we ate more “real” food. We ate food that came directly off the farms and things like that, and now we have more chemically preserved and irradiated foods to make things look good on the shelf. You’ve got the whole trend now of eating organic and paying attention to chemicals, added hormones, antibiotics, and toxins and being aware of all of these different things is all good.  It really becomes a function of time & money as to what you can afford and how many things you can manage.

I would say the first part of the “right” lifestyle is to eat as close to the earth as possible. The less processed and the less prepared your meals are the better. Sometimes this is difficult because we live under such a time crunch and we live in a “microwave” generation, we don’t have all that time to cook from scratch, and these days it might be because we really don’t know how to even prepare great tasting meals.

You have to make a choice in your lifestyle as to whether it is going to be a militaristic food regimen on your part or if you still want to enjoy life and the things you like to eat. It’s just so satisfying to the palate and enjoying great food, wine, and different things is good for the soul, and for our state of mind. Just be conscious, be aware, do your best to think of whether or not what you are consuming is real nutrition for your body.

Try to limit your intake of these highly processed, highly preserved foods that are so easy to get in our marketplace. Probably the number one thing you want to avoid in life is soda. That is probably the number one legalized poison available for everybody. It has huge sugar content as we all know, but to many it just tastes so good. Nothing about that beverage is nutritious for you, and in fact from some points of view it can actually be considered negative nutrition in that the body has to work overtime to get rid of the toxic load.  I start my day with a healthy, vegetable-based protein drink and then I consume a lot of good, fresh water during the day. I try to choose meal selections pretty carefully from grass-fed animals, to fresh fish, to fresh multi-colored vegetables, and looking at everything that I put in my body from the perspective of what it will do for me with regard to real nutritional content.  There is a certain amount of grace that you need to have with yourself as well because every once in a while…especially on a road trip or something … those golden arches call my name.  I pull in and have a cheeseburger, fries, & a coke through the drive through mainly because I know that I can keep driving, eat, and not make a mess of my pants…. and I have to admit that it sure does taste good sometimes.  2 or 3 times a year is not going to hurt you and ruin your health.  Let’s just be clear about that.

I really try to limit the dairy intake and I try to eat a lot of vegetable-based things, not that I’m a vegetarian or that I’m a vegan. It’s the preservatives, the packaging and the “microwave” highly processed food generation that we live in that is having a very ill-effect on our society.

The other part of lifestyle is getting some physical exercise. As our culture has evolved out of the industrial revolution, many people have desk jobs, staring at a computer screen. They sit in their car in rush hour traffic for hours, commuting back and forth. The body was designed to have some physical activity.

We see the proliferation of the physical fitness industry starting in the 1970s, with treadmills, stair step machines, jogging and running, which is good. We should have about, at least, 30 minutes of cardiac activity for a minimum of 3 days a week, take a break for a day or two. It’s not that we have to become tri-athletes or marathon runners, the key here is that it’s balance. You have to be conscious and you have to be aware of that.

That’s where hormone balance comes in.  Most people don’t have the energy to go do something physical. I can tell you that if you get your hormones optimized, get your spine straightened out and you make sure that your body is communicating well, all of a sudden you will see that you do have the desire to do physical activity. That’s proven in the literature and most physicians will agree to that–diet, lifestyle and exercise are what we need to focus on. You may have to eat a little bit less, and exercise a little bit more in order to regain the balance you had in your youthful years.  I’m here to tell you that it is possible to regain that youthful feeling both mentally and physically by getting back to a place of hormonal balance in your physiology.  I have personally witnessed the life-changing effects with hundreds of patients that the doctors I work with serve.  I can tell you that there really is nothing like feeling like you are 28 in an almost 50 year old body.

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