Gunther Mueller

How Thoughts Affect Our Physiology

Thoughts Affect Our Physiology

In this article you’ll discover:

  • Creating your own reality!
  • The power of thought!
  • Neutralizing the negativity!

This is not proven science although there’s been a lot of research done on it and there are a lot of people out there that believe your thoughts ultimately create your reality. Thought is energy. Einstein said there are only two things in the universe and that’s information and energy. So, if everything is energetic, everything is energy and your thoughts are forming that energy.

If your outlook on world is from a very negative stance, your energy will reflect negatively. I think it has a correlation to cancer and heart disease and tumors and just an unnatural, unhealthy aging of the body. If you did enough conversation with healthy people and you asked them enough questions, you’d find out what the disposition was for most of their life a good outlook.

Thought is a very powerful force in manifesting and creating the reality that we experience in our physical body. Sometimes it is group consciousness. So, if you are hanging out in a group of people that are all afraid coming down with cancer or becoming sick, there is negative energy. The medical community will point to this and say that was the cause of your cancer or that was the cause of your illness.

If you are stressed out about everything; your stress load on your physiology is real. Stress is the number one hormone disruptor. We wonder sometimes why young, 32-year-old men have low testosterone. Maybe it’s thought waves that they carry around with them in their career or maybe they’re in over their head and they know that they don’t have the talent set to perform in the job that they’re in and they know that they’re faking it and all the different stresses that revolve in someone’s mind, all based on our belief systems about the world that we believe in and this all kind of mixes together.

How can we change our thoughts to get to our optimal health? This is a personal journey. This is something that I can’t tell you for every individual what this looks like or what you should do. My purpose in having this conversation is that it is something that you should consider. It is something that you should be aware of.

Just stop for a moment and become conscious of how we move through life every day and maybe write that down, start to journal that and become aware of where your mind naturally goes every day. The process comes whether it’s meditation or it’s some form of getting in touch with yourself and a very deep level to maybe change some of the fundamental core beliefs that you have about yourself and the world.

Simple exercises that go into removing yourself from your reality for a moment so that you can view your life, view your beliefs, you view your reality from that third person position so that you have the opportunity to make a new choice.

Because really, the only power that we have in life, I believe, is the power of choice. So, we can choose to believe about ourselves what we’ve always believed about ourselves or we can take a moment to make a new choice. I think that’s the power of exercises like this, you know, number one called neutralizing the negativity, putting it into practice.

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